Marianna Janz-Wecke

International Realtor and Business Consultant
I speak German, French, English.

My Skills and Career in Europe  and the USA allow me to provide  my customers  worldwide with a  professional and trustworthy service.

I am member of the following:
Sarasota Sister City Association
Gulfcoast Chinese American Association
German-American Association in Germany

Phone/Cell: 941-726-9381
Email: janzwecke@gmail.com

Harry E. Robbins Associates Inc. is a real estate company, built on integrity, hard work and tradition. As a 3rd generational company,  this family of Real Estate Agents has formed a reputation of reliability and productivity for themselves within the community.

With Harry E. Robbins I have found an exceptional, trustworthy partner with professional experience and an extensive built-up network of connections, therefore we are not only in the position that we can offer to you the best of realtor professionalism which you surely want to receive, I am also able and would like to help you with all further steps.


Harry E. Robbins Associates, Inc./Realtor
3733 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota, FL, 34239
Phone: 941-726-9381
Fax: 941-922-3627